This is just a place where I am storing some of my artwork.

When you visit each page, it is up to you to find the "hot spot" that will return you here.
(Of course, you can always use the "back" button.)
  1. Alter Egos
    Just who do we think we are!?
  2. Ambigrams
    Inspired by Scott Kim (who will always be better at it).
  3. Bad Deal
    The worst Klondike Solitaire hand I've ever seen.
  4. Boston
    A Massachusetts Oddity.
  5. Brick Writing
    Your name displayed in gold brick.
  6. Calendar
    This is how I've always visualized the cycle of a year.
  7. Cartoons
    I will add to these as time goes by.
  8. Classic vs Modern
    Times change, technology changes.
  9. Compass
    What does "northwest by north" mean?
  10. Dumbest Interchange
    I-30 and Loop 12 in Dallas.
  11. EDDIE & the Crontabs
    This is a band I used to lead.
  12. Flood
    Keep your eyes on this picture.
  13. Goofy Graffiti
    It doesn't do anything; it just is.
  14. Lava Lamp
    Currently in progress.
  15. Lonely Hearts
    This is another band I used to lead.
  16. Loweroglyphics
    The object of the game was to illustrate the term.
  17. Many Moods
    A tribute to Nicholas Cage.
  18. Modern Art
    Step-by-step instructions.
  19. Mondrian Wannabe
    Changes size and shape with your browser.
  20. More And Faster
    An experiment with animated GIFs.
  21. My Earliest Artwork
    Drawn when I was three years old.
  22. my USA maps
    Unlike those anyone else has made (I think).
  23. Natural Bridge
    Utah scenery.
  24. Neon Sign
    Makes me think of oldies.
  25. Optical Illusion
    Funny how your eyes play tricks on you.
  26. Painter's Progress
    Be patient with me. I'm slow.
  27. Patience Is A Virtue
    Worth the wait!
  28. Political Cartoons
    College Project. . . .
  29. Read The Fine Print
    A very small demonstration.
  30. Sans-Serifs Fonts
    Simpler, but not always better!
  31. Seven Camryns
    She's not really a dwarf. Just short.
  32. Sinead
    Warhol-style portraiture.
  33. Six Flags Beside Texas
    Or is it six flags besides Texas?
  34. Slide Puzzle
    Of the North Dakota flag.
  35. Symbolic Language
    Write a message using this unique alphabet.
  36. Texas, MCE
    If M.C.Escher had drawn a map . . .
  37. Toys
    Pictures of stuff in my studio.
  38. Titletown Twins
    Logo for my sis & me.
  39. Towers Of Hanoi
    Demo of the solution to this classic puzzle.
  40. Up / Down
    Useful little label.
  41. Wheelchair Store
    Saw this sign in my dream.
  42. White Sands, New Mexico
    Paintings of the national monument.
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Dumb Things People Say
Lien À Trois
Elmwood Court