words and expressions spelled the same forward and backward

(not counting spaces and punctuation)

I know there are long lists already available. I'm only planning to include those I write (or observe) on my own, as well as a select few that impress me.

For example - - -
One of the most famous celebrates the "other" T. R. like this:
A man, a plan, a canal: Panama.
When the Canadians tried to follow suit, it didn't quite work:
A Dan, a canister, a retsina: Canada.
If the first man had spoken English, he may have introduced himself to Eve like this:
Madam, I'm Adam.
But if he had spoken Spanish, he might have called her "nothing":
Nada, yo soy Adán.

Some I've been working on - - - fictitious business card:
Turot Corp.
Dr. Toni Malone
    717 Enola-Minot Rd.    
Proctor, UT

1A yammer is a whimper.
2This is a conversation between my parents, who like Hawaii and who speak Spanish.
3Mato is in Brasil.
4Behold, the Egyptian deity Anubis:

5Roo is one of Winnie The Pooh's playmates.
6The Star-Telegram is a Fort Worth newspaper.
7Mike Modano is on the Dallas Stars hockey team.
8The good captain was not used to being around the fairer sex.
9A nisus is an effort.
10When we play tennis, he has to lighten up because he's so strong.
11I have no idea what that means!
12A former manager of mine kept gifts in his top drawer to give to employees as bonuses.

Some constructed by others - - -
Possibily the coolest palindrome ever is:
This is [probably badly formed] Latin meaning something like:
"Arepo the sower holds the wheels at work."
It's cool because it consists of five five-letter words,
and it reads the same horizontally or vertically:

Here's another one I really like. Someone must have started like this . . .
Dennis sinned.
. . . and then continued with . . .
Dennis and Edna sinned.
. . . and then . . .
Dennis, Nell, Edna and Ellen sinned.
Dennis, Nell, Edna, Leon, Noel and Ellen sinned.
etc. . . .
Finally ending up with this monstrosity . . .
Dennis, Nell, Edna, Leon, Nedra, Anita, Rolf, Nora, Alice, Carol, Leo, Jane, Reed, Dena, Dale, Basil, Rae, Penny, Lana, Dave, Denny, Lena, Ida, Bernadette, Ben, Ray, Lila, Nina, Jo, Ira, Mara, Sara, Mario, Jan, Ina, Lily, Arne, Bette, Dan, Reba, Diane, Lynn, Ed, Eva, Dana, Lynne, Pearl, Isabel, Ada, Ned, Dee, Rena, Joel, Lora, Cecil, Aaron, Flora, Tina, Arden, Noel and Ellen sinned.

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