A Round Town

I know you've been around town. But have you been in a round town? Like, for instance, CIRCLE, Montana?

I've listed some interesting U.S. town names, but I've gotten them a bit mixed up.
See how many of them you can unscramble. As a hint, use the tongue-in-cheek description following the name.

Example:   IF BEAR HUG, California, a hot town.

  1. MONO, Wisconsin, a satellite town
  2. TONE, Georgia, a college town
  3. POINT, Maryland, a bean town
  4. SPACER, Wyoming, a ghost town
  5. TELLIT, Kentucky, a small town
  6. SCHLID, West Virginia, a new town
  7. SAGMUNT, Oklahoma, a one-horse town
  8. DRAINLAC, Virginia, a town painted red
  9. RINSTUDY, Pennsylvania, a company town