A pair of alphosites begin with the same letter but are opposites in meaning; for example, GLAD & GLOOMY. For each sentence below, substitute one word with a synonym of that word which is an antonym of another word in the sentence to form an alphosite pair. With the aforementioned pair in mind, a sentence could read, "I thought the news would make him glad, but he seemed more morose than ever." On the other hand, you might conclude that the answer is MERRY & MOROSE. (My solution uses one pair for each letter of the alphabet.)
  1. A minimum amount of exertion while on vacation contributes to greatest enjoyment.
  2. Before me was the mountain trail; after me was a group of eager young hikers.
  3. Calvin found most of the pastries very delicious, but a few were downright yucky.
  4. Do you miss January when you are in the middle of summer heat?
  5. Every time I share a thoughtful remark, you make a silly counterargument.
  6. Four-Footed Friends is a big petting zoo that is a hit with the little kids.
  7. Gangster John Dillinger was taken down by a team led by Agent Melvin Purvis.
  8. He gave only a vague description of the assailant because he didn't have a sharp picture in his mind.
  9. Henry was known for his titanic nose and his miniature ears.
  10. His living like a prince cost so much money, he ended up surviving as a beggar.
  11. How can you act so goofy dealing with a serious situation like this?
  12. I admit that our peaceful neighborhood in central California can get a little quaky at times.
  13. In Mapuche mythology, the deity Ngen-lawen might help you deal with the spirit Gualichu.
  14. Littleton, with the normal problems of a small town, faced an unusual dilemma.
  15. March First was a very nice day, providing a break from the wintry weather of February.
  16. My golfing buddy has gotten a hole-in-one a zillion times; as for me: none.
  17. Once the disobedient child left the playground, the other kids had a nice time together.
  18. Previously, the machinery was operating continually, but lately it has been shutting off intermittently.
  19. She needed a coworker to assist on the project, but every effort seem to hinder her progress.
  20. Some retirees move out of a busy town for the idyllic life in the country.
  21. The King of Hearts presided over the trial of the Jack when he was accused of stealing the Queen's tarts.
  22. The one who pretended to be his best friend turned out to be his worst enemy.
  23. Their romance was built on abiding love, but now it's ending after a few short years.
  24. They accused me of being a racist, though I've always considered myself a xenophile.
  25. Until you thoroughly informed me about the situation, I was completely oblivious.
  26. With that frigid air blowing in, you'd think you were in the Antarctic region.