Brothers & Sisters

e.g. Sharon, Russell & Bonner

This is a variety of Lien À Trois. In each row, you will see three given names,
and your challenge is to identify the surname they all share in common.
Sometimes a resultant full name is a famous person; sometimes a fictious character.
But in other cases it's a common expression other than a personal name!
As a solving aid, the answers will be in alphabetical order.

Michael / Harry / Charley
  • Michael HORSE is an actor known for portraying Amerindians.
  • Harry HORSE was an English author also known as a political cartoonist.
  • A charley HORSE is a muscle cramp.

Doris Zach Pi
Ford Marshall Sally
Carrie Eddie Fly
Michael J. Vivica A. Red
Monty Carnegie Daryl
Jack Mike M. C.
Kate Peat Carrie-Anne
Eddie Jack Peter
Sharon Sly Peach
Mayan Dennis Sigourney


The inspiration for this exercise was the offSPRING of Mr. and Mrs. SPRINGS of the Sunflower State:

Sharon, Russell & Bonner.