This Puzzle Has Directions

Eight of them, to be exact.
Well, seven of them after the example.

Fill in each pair of blanks with more than two to four letters per blank to complete a normal word. (One of them is a proper noun.)
Then insert each completed word somewhere in one of the following lines to complete a normal sentence.
The directions are in compass order, while the lines are alphabetical, so you must match them up yourself.

Example: Given this direction and line combination —
"It's a twenty-minute drive from to Seattle on Interstate 5." —

you can make
"It's a twenty-minute drive from LYNNWOOD to Seattle on Interstate 5."

  1. ____NNE____
  2. ____ENE____
  3. ____ESE____
  4. ____SSE____
  5. ____SSW____
  6. ____WSW____
  7. ____WNW____
  1. Betty took a delicious and some crackers to Mike's party.
  2. Children do not learn good on their own; their parents must teach them.
  3. For better security, please choose a that is hard to guess.
  4. I get a chill I think about that last nightmare I had.
  5. It must be true; it appeared in magazine.
  6. Never build a house of a papermill, no matter how cheap the lot is!
  7. We took a ferry from Seattle to Victoria.