DuBBle SpEEk!

On the game show AMERICA SAYS, contestants are presented with fill-in-the-_____ questions and then shown the initial letters of the most common answers.

Let's suppose the question is . . .
"A well-known person who lived in North Dakota is ______."

And let's suppose one of the patterns is . . .
"T____ R________"

The obvious(?) answer would be Teddy Roosevelt. However, fans of this web site might guess The Russler .

Now, here's your puzzle:   Here's a fill-in-the-_____ question and seven patterns, as in the game show. The Dubble Speek twist is that there are two blanks in the question, and both blanks can be filled with expressions fitting the same pattern (as with the two T.R.s above). Length of the blanks is no help! Clicking MORE under any pattern will reveal another letter in each word—but only until there's just one left, indicated by a red blank. Finally, the complete answer will appear. (The windows below can be resized.)

My favorite combo of food and drink is _______ with _______.

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