The Russler's Logic Puzzle

I used to love this type of puzzle. The first one I saw was last millenium in Reader's Digest. It involved five men of
different nationalities who lived on adjacent properties, and each had a different favorite drink, hobby, et cetera. It
was called "Who Owns The Zebra?" and it is still vivid in my mind. I remember it like it was . . . last millenium.

Read the clues,
use the grid,
deduce the answer.

  1. Jane's favorite color is Pink.
  2. Joe has never actually been convicted.
  3. Athletics are downplayed at Stone Forest High School.
  4. There are 3,681 jellybeans in the jar.
  5. The octopus is larger than the cherry tomato.
  6. There is no cure for the common cold. Technically.
  7. Rover is like the daughter Phil never had.
  8. The square root of 237.5 is ~15.411035.
  9. I was just kidding about the mirrors.
  10. Napoleon was First Consul of the French Republic.
Now, what year is the Porsche?