Rhyme Sublime

Each clue in the left-hand column leads to a answer to be entered into the spaces in the right-hand column. The answer contains a rhyme; it might be The clues and their corresponding answers will not necessarily line up, so you must determine the location for each answer. However, the are divided into groups of five, so the matchups are within the groups. They are in alphabetical order, and the first letter is given for each answer. On each answer line, enter the number of the corresponding clue in the first box. Then enter the answer, one word per box. (Look for additional hints in capitalizations, punctuation, etc.)

1. childishly simple A
2. fanatic follower of Jerry Garcia & company B .
3. published collection of recipes c
4. restlessness, or a tiddlywinks-like kids' game D
5. slogan for a less-than-fastidious housekeeper e-
6. a female equivalent of best bud f
7. counterfeit bills g
8. gel-filled candy brand with over 50 flavors h
9. teeny-tiny, as a spider i
10. upside-down gymnastic manoever J
11. alrighty "K "
12. Buddy Holly song that says, "It's funny, honey . . ." l-
13. imprecise, disorganized, or excessively relaxed "M "
14. not at any time, period. n
15. 2003 movie with Uma Thurman as a hired assassin o-
16. a variety of candied fruits in a Little Richard hit P
17. cliche used in "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Q
18. Leona Helmsley, because of her tyrannical behavior r,
19. pair of fence-sitters in a grade school gag S ' !
20. slogan for a day spent at the mall t-
21. anti-drug slogan from McGruff U .
22. archaic attention-getting call v
23. Don't say a word. I mean it! w-
24. like Esau or Chewbacca y-
25. with reckless abandon Z .