Spot The Differences

  1. One of them is on your left, the other on your right.
  2. One of them was created before the other.
  3. One of them was [secretly] criticized by Giulio Romano.
  4. The other one was panned by everyone else.
  5. One is a "JPG"; the other is a "GIF".
  6. One of them contains no purple, the other doesn't.
  7. The one on your right contains more curved lines.
  8. One of them was never displayed at the Guggenheim.
  9. The other was never displayed at the Dusseldorf.
  10. Only one of them is named "A Study In Black & Orange."
  11. One of them contains a subliminal message.
  12. One of them was created during the artist's "blue period."
  13. One of the others was created during his "blue semicolon."
  14. There are actually fifteen differences! Ha!