TenDer / DenTer

Following is a list of ten clues, each of which leads to a single word that refers to a person. It could be a profession, such as CARPENTER, or some other designation, such as CRYBABY.

When all of the answers are correct, they can be put into five pairs, and each pair will have the same property: one of the words can be converted to the other by swapping two of its letters.

For example, if two of the clues are "caretaker" and "car damager," the answers might be

For an easier version of this puzzle, you can try it with the clues already paired up.

1. agronomist
2. celebrity
3. clothier
4. contralto, e.g.
5. housebuilder
6. John Hancock, e.g.
7. medical examiner
8. patron
9. Russian ruler
10. smooth singer