1. I'm RAISING my children to be RISING stars.
  2. They sure have a lot of GARBAGE in their GARAGE.
  3. He was EXCITED when he finally EXITED the cave.
  4. This REDACTION of the book got a good REACTION from readers.
  5. I'll REENTER the leasing world, this time as a RENTER.
  6. That FLOWER has a LOWER price.
  7. Don't LINGER too long on the LINER.
  8. LATHER up first, and rinse off LATER.
  9. In REALITY, he'd rather work for a REALTY company.
  10. If you JOUST with the others, we will OUST you.
  11. When PACKING the car for a trip, PACING is important.
  12. If you BACKSLIDE, you'll end up on your BACKSIDE.
  13. TRANSMIT a message to the rapid TRANSIT authority.
  14. He WANDERS down to the pond where the WADERS like to go.
  15. The football COACHES all have their own CACHES.
  16. PHONE operators like to HONE their skills.
  17. A certain PORTION of the wizard's time was spent on a new POTION.
  18. If you're driving to the COAST during October, take a COAT.
  19. After a long hard day at the STORE, she was very SORE.
  20. This is the tallest STATUE in the whole STATE.
  21. I saw a DOVE and a DOE in my back yard.
  22. He might WRITE a book about a certain RITE.
  23. The NEXT day, the police caught the suspect in their NET.
  24. The PARTY will go on for a large PART of the evening.
  25. If you didn't keep DOZING off, you could be DOING more.
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