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Every piece of advice given here is good for anyone, any day. It doesn't matter what your name is, which hand is better, or what color you like! In fact, at any given time, selecting your PID yields a random statement which is a paraphrase of something found in the Old Testament book of Proverbs or elsewhere in the Bible. Meanwhile, the terms "tablimation," "predilection index," "innopenzic spiral," and "vormification symbol" are gobbledygook. And the personality descriptions are all the same! (Please see the Wikipedia article on the Forer effect.)

On the other hand, astrology (the basis of horoscopes) claims that there are twelve distinct types of people in the world according to the thirty-or-so-day periods of the year in which their birthdays fall. These are based on the position of twelve constellations during those periods. However, the apparent positions of those constellations are not the same as they were when this system was developed in ancient Greece.

Now, if you still decide to consult an astrologer for a daily horoscope, better choose only one! Otherwise, you run the risk of getting contradictory advice.

  E X A M P L E
On 6/17/2011, for LEO:
    Sally Brampton said,
"If someone challenges you today you must stand up for yourself."
      B U T
        Nancy Black said,
"You may be tempted to win an argument, but consider what you might lose. It's not worth it."

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