Card Game

INSTRUCTIONS: Match each card in the left-hand list with the person(s) or things in the right-hand list that it could describe. The name of the card might be thought of as containing an apostrophe, e.g. Ann & Nancy Wilson could be "Two of Heart's," meaning "Two belonging to Heart."

  1.  Joker
  1. Audrey Hepburn, publicizing "Breakfast At Tiffany's"
  2. baseball team
  3. Christiaan Barnard
  4. Cupid & St Valentine
  5. expert gravedigger
  6. Jerry Seinfeld
  7. John Lyons, who owns Avalon Hollywood & Bardot Hollywood
  8. marginal, diagonal, coronary, pulmonary, ventricular, and anterior interventricular
  9. straight line segments, perhaps tilted at fifty degrees
  10. "The Maltese Falcon," "Too Many Have Lived," & "They Can Only Hang You Once"
  11. wooden weapons, restaurants with booze, organized associations, meeting places, and cloverleaf shapes