What's the significance?

For each group of words (or whatever), see if can determine any meaning or pattern or tie or some other such significance.
Example:   You might have seen this fictitious fellow's name:
Roy G. Biv
This is used as a mnemonic for the order of the colors in the spectrum, viz.
red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

Click on the '[?]' to see the solution to a given group.

  1.   SSAW   PUUI   RMTN   IMUT   NEME   GRNR   [?]

  2.   Shout, "Thorn eats stew!"   [?]

  3.   George John Thomas James James John Andrew   [?]

  4.   J. Jason, D.J.: FM, AM   [?]

  5.   12:21, May 5, 1961   [?]

  6.   Sandie Gozoo, Is Leroy Ale, Tim Essquare, Gold Engate, Mack In Acbridge   [?]

  7.   O T T F F S S E . . .   [?]

  8.   to be continued   [?]

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